Dog Grooming FAQs

Q My dog is nervous

Our philosophy has always been the same, Care and Wellbeing come first. We ensure that our salon is calm and soothing. As dog owner’s we understand the anxiety of leaving an anxious dog in the care of someone else. We work with the dog and adjust our approach to suit your dog’s needs.

Q What if I my dog gets stressed?

Every effort is made to ensure your dog’s wellbeing is not compromised. As soon as your dog shows signs of distress we stop the grooming process and let the dog rest. This may take time but the result is a calmer dog. In extreme circumstances, we will suggest your dog is groomed in stages. This usually results in the process not being so traumatising. We believe, care and wellbeing are paramount to your dog’s mental and physical wellbeing.

Q Will my dog be caged?

We do not believe in caging your dog. We operate a cage free zone. Every dog has access to water and a bed whilst waiting

Q My dog is old, has arthritis and cannot stand for long periods

Having owned, old and arthritic dogs ourselves, we understand how tiring this can be for pets and how stressful it can be for owners. As much as possible we encourage your dog to lay down. We have equipment to alleviate the stress on your dog’s joints. We ensure the dog has plenty of rest breaks in between. Sometimes we suggest grooming your dog in stages to reduce the stress on the joints.

Q Can I stay whilst my dog is being groomed?

In some cases, this may be permitted but it is usually best for your dog to be left with us. Experience has shown, dogs exhibit greater anxiety when owners are present. As soon as the owner leaves the dogs tend to relax and anxiety issues subside.

Q My dog has allergies, what products will be used

Before any form of grooming is undertaken, we ask our clients to report any known allergies. These are noted immediately on your dog’s health record.

All of our products are made from natural materials and do not contain parabens, phosphates, phthalates, DEA, synthetic dyes or artificial perfumes. This ensures your dog should not be affected by the products we use.

Q Will my dog be groomed to my requirements?

Every effort is made to groom your dog to how you would like it. We will ask you to join us at the grooming table whilst we examine the dogs coat. This allows you to choose the desired length, understand what we can and cannot do. However, you will leave with an understanding of what is being undertaken.

Q How long will the grooming process take?

Every dog is treated differently and behaves differently. Time is dependent on the coat type, grooming requirements and the dog’s individual needs.

Q Is the price I am quoted going to change?

Where possible we try, and adhere to the quotation, but in cases of matting and behavioural issues this may fluctuate. This will be discussed with you during the consultation process.

Q My dog is aggressive to other dogs

This is not a problem, we never mix dogs together from different families. It would be irresponsible to undertake such practice.

Q My dog may bite, will a muzzle be used?

This is not a practice we usually undertake. We use a calm and slow approach and try to understand why your dog is showing signs of aggression or fear. We believe in working with your dog and not against it. However, in very extreme cases we would have to temporarily use one.

Q What deposit is required for a booking?

All bookings require a 50% deposit to be made.

Q What is your cancellation policy?

Please note that all cancellations made after 24 hours notice will be charged 50% of the groom fee.

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